The Workbench is a CAT tool in the cloud.

If the Dashboard is our take on the project management side of webiste localization, then the Workbench is the analogous CAT tool you can use without ever leaving the browser window.

In this chapter, we take a close look at all the various features available on the Workbench. The explanations pertaining to the various elements and functionality of the Workbench screen are grouped into thematically linked subsections. Use the sidebar to navigate to the subsection of your choice.

Opening the Workbench

You can access the Workbench anytime after adding at least one target language.

There are a few ways to enter it:

  1. In the Dashboard menu, see the Languages part. If you hover over any of the target languages, a menu bar will be displayed to the right. Click on “Translate in List View”..
  2. Click on “Manage segments” in Content menu…
  3. Enter the Page list and hover over any entry to display a menu to the right. Click on “Translate in List View”…

.. and the Workbench will open in a new tab.