We use a set of recurring terminology in this manual and also in our Support Channels - we collect them here for your reference.

101% match
Contextual repetition. Tags within the segment and the neighbouring segments are repetitions / exact matches as well.
102% match
Strong contextual repetition. Every single segment within a block is a 101% match, and all tags are identical.
When newly added, untranslated content appears on the translated site in the original language
Dictionary freeze
No new items can be added to the translation memory. Only available when Page freeze is activated.
Checking the website for translatable content
Exclusion rule
A rule specified for explicitly excluding pages from the translatable list
Highlight view
The secondary view mode of workbench, allowing for in-context editing
Inclusion rule
A rule specified for explicitly including pages in the translatable list
Keep Cache Strategy
The strategy used to avoid bleedthrough. The last fully translated version is available on the translated pages, and new content is only added when the translation is ready
List view
The main view of the Workbench; a simple editor for online translation
Page freeze
No new items can be added to the page-list marked for translation
Binary content found on the website (images, PDFs, CSS and JS files, etc.)
Extracting content from the website for translation
The online editing view of the proxy

Page List Tags

the page was visited and content on it was included in a previous word count.
Excluded by rule
the page is excluded by a rule declared at the top of the page list.
page was excluded by clicking on the "Exclude" button in its hover menu.
the page was content extracted, with no translations on it yet (or pending progress update).
Progress bar
repetitions were propagated to the page, or its translation is in-progress.
the page was collected as a new URL, but it hasn't been Discovered/Scanned yet.