../../_images/pre-translate.pngPre-translate dialog

By using the Pre-translate menu, you can initiate a process which supplies untranslated segments with a preliminary translation in order to mitigate bleedthrough on the proxied pages. You can use pre-translate with a Translation Memory as well as any of the supported Machine Translation APIs.

When you pre-translate using a Translation Memory, the project’s default memory will be used. By default, this is populated with the segments that you previously added. You can change this using the Translation Memory page, where you can add more content to your memory if you need to.

In order to use Machine Translation, you need at least one API configured for your project. You can access configuration for available Machine Translators by clicking configure next to the desired Trasnlator, or by selecting them on in the menu bar.

Select the appropriate radio button to pre-translate everything, segments added between a specific time period, a specific page or a work package.