You can set up alarms to be notified of any actions in your project that could potentially lead to undue expenses. Enter the value for the timeout (snooze) between subsequent e-mail notifications, to prevent the Alarm from flooding you with e-mails. After that, check one of the alarm options and enter the limit above which you want to receive a notification. You can set an alarm for:

Page Views: if you wish to detect unusually large amounts of requests to the proxy. As Scans and Discoveries count as Page Views, you can also use this alarm to detect if a Scan was started.

Words added: if you wish to receive notification about new content that exceeds the set amount.

Words translated: if you wish to receive notification about Machine Translation or reimport events on the project.

The e-mails are sent to the owner by default, but you can add the ‘Receive notification emails’ right to any participant in Dashboard > Sharing settings.