Proxy modes - X, P, live

X-proxy (testing, JS bugs, JS fix domains , CORS)

The X-proxy is great for testing. You can spot content that does not get picked up by default, and make your configurations to your project, and check for success.

There are a couple of situations, when the X-proxy comes in handy:

  • Testing regular expressions, for example on e-commerce sites.
  • Testing JSON (JavaScript) and XML translation.
  • Just browsing through a site, for evaluation purposes.

An example X-proxy URL: https://de-de-{project_code}

The X-proxy can be accessed from the pages list under Content (or Discovery) by clicking on the Preview button in the hover toolbar, while holding down the Ctrl/Cmd button, or you can just replace the -p for a -x in the normal preview’s URL for the same effect.

P - Preview

The standard proxy mode to view the translated website before publishing. However, the preview can be used for a couple of other things:

  • Cookie header extraction to get behind logins
  • Visiting pages manually, to ingest content

An example Preview-proxy URL: https://de-de-{project_code}

C - Channel

Live serving mode

After publishing the website, the proxy serves content on the chosen domain.